Adam Ramadan – Blogs, Bodies, and Camps

Event Date: 1 December 2011
Royal Holloway University of London
2 Gower Street
London WC1E 6DP

City/ State/ Resistance: Spaces of Protest in the Middle East and Mediterranean

Interdisciplinary workshop from Royal Holloway University

Sponsored by The British Academy


Adam Ramadan (Geography, Cambridge)
Blogs, Bodies, and Camps

One of the common features of protests from Tahrir Square to St Paul’s has been the camp. The occupation of urban space, and subversion of the normal political order within those spaces, has been key strategy for protest movements to articulate an alternative future. Much has been written in recent years about the return of the camp into contemporary geopolitical orderings and biopolitical strategies. But what if the camp can be a space of freedom rather than intensified biopolitics, a space beyond the control of the state in which a more progressive politics can be forged? This paper will reflect on these protest camps as assemblages of people, politics and technologies that embody and make possible alternative value systems and political orders.

Adam Ramadan is a political geographer at Downing College, Cambridge. His research addresses everyday geopolitics, seeking to understand how ordinary people understand and negotiate their position within broader geopolitical dynamics of conflict, insecurity and displacement. His work has focused particularly on refugees and refugee camps as geopolitical spaces, bodies and lives. His book ëPalestinian refuges camps in Lebanon: the everyday geopolitics of exileí will be published by IB Tauris.





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