Yair Wallach – Space for change – Opening up? Closing down? The 2011 Israeli summer protests

Event Date: 1 December 2011
Royal Holloway University of London
2 Gower Street
London WC1E 6DP

City/ State/ Resistance: Spaces of Protest in the Middle East and Mediterranean

Interdisciplinary workshop from Royal Holloway University

Sponsored by The British Academy


Yair Wallach (Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East, SOAS)
Space for change – Opening up? Closing down? The 2011 Israeli summer protests

Space for change – opening up? closing down? The 2011 Israeli summer protests
This paper will locate the 2011 summer social protests in Israel in spatial-political terms. Paying attention to the sites of protests in Tel Aviv and other places, I will highlight differences with the more monumental settings protests of previous years. The civic-social banner of the protests, as well as their urban locales, allowed an expansion of public debate beyond the strictly “social justice” framework. At the same time, the space for other protests against the occupation continued to narrow down both metaphorically and physically. How are we to explain the contradiction between these two trends?

Yair Wallach is a lecturer in Israeli Studies at SOAS. Previously he studied integration, segregation and “shared spaces” in Jerusalem from the late Ottoman period to the present day, as part of the “Conflict in Cities” research project at the University of Cambridge.





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