The Mess Inside: In Memory of Peter Goldie

Event Date: 11 October2012
Chancellor’s Hall
Senate House
University of London
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

The Institute of Philosophy presents

The Mess Inside: In Memory of Peter Goldie

King’s College London Philosophy Department and the Institute of Philosophy, with the support of Oxford University Press, will be hosting a one-day conference to mark the publication of the late Peter Goldie’s last book, The Mess Inside.


Welcome by Professor Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy).

Introduction by Professor David Papineau (KCL).

Professor Marya Schechtman (Illinois) – A Mess Indeed: Empathic Access, Narrative, and Identity


Professor Paul Harris (Harvard) – How does Red Riding Hood feel when she is on her way to see her grandmother? Misattribution of emotion by young children


Professor Richard Holton (MIT) - ‘We don’t torture’: Maintaining decent behavior despite the mess



Buy Peter Goldie’s ‘The Mess Inside’ here

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