Lyndsey Stonebridge – Messengers of Ill-Tidings: Refugee Testimony

Event Date: 9 November 2012

Wolfson College, University of Oxford

Linton Road Oxford OX2 6UD


A one-day interdisciplinary conference at Wolfson College, University of Oxford,
9th November 2012. This MHRA-sponsored conference is organized jointly by the War and Representation Network (WAR-Net) and the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing.

This one-day, international, inter-disciplinary conference will be a unique symbiosis of the scholarly expertise of the Oxford Centre for Life Writing and WAR-Net, a network for academics working in war representation. Researchers from the fields of literature, theatre, history, art history, graphic arts, film, anthropology, psychology, cultural studies, gender studies, media studies, museum studies, and others will assemble to discuss the ways in which the experience of war (on both home and battle front, and of any period) is represented in the life writing genres. ‘Writing’ will be understood in its broadest sense, to cover not only letters, diaries, memoirs, biography, autobiography and fiction, but also oral testimony, film, portraiture, personal collections and digital media.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge

Lyndsey Stonebridge, a leading scholar in war and trauma, is a professor of Literature and Critical Theory at the University of East Anglia. She is the author of numerous significant publications, including Psychoanalysis and Literature (2004), The Writing of Anxiety: Imagining Wartime in Mid-century British Culture (2007), Trauma Theory (2008), and The Judicial Imagination: Writing After Nuremburg (2011).

Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge (East Anglia) – Messengers of Ill-Tidings: Refugee Testimony









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