Alan MacFarlane – Anthropology, Empire and Modernity

Royal Anthropological Institute , London

Event Date: 14 December 2012
BP Lecture Theatre
Clore Education Centre
British Museum,
Great Russell Street,
London WC1B 3DG



The Huxley Memorial Lecture

Professor Alan MacFarlane FBA (Professor Emeritus of King’s College, Cambridge) – Anthropology, Empire and Modernity

Anthropology has developed within three theoretical frameworks over the last three hundred years. The Enlightenment world view dominated from the early eighteenth to the mid nineteenth century; Evolutionary models triumphed from Darwin and Marx through to the late 1980′s; a Global vision is the one we now inhabit. Investigating the reasons for these paradigm changes, the lecture will consider the relative power of nations (imperialism and industrialism) as one factor. Another has been the growth of ‘modernity’, defined as the separation of institutional spheres (Wealth, Power, Society, Ideology). Recent shifts in world power and the re-shaping of ‘modernity’ through technological change are redefining the task of anthropology in the twenty-first century.

Introduction by Professor Roy Ellen (President, Royal Anthropological Institute).





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