Academic Service

bdbc_mics_open_med1The Backdoor Broadcasting Company’s Academic Service specializes in web-casting academic conferences, symposia, public lectures, workshops and seminars in order to further the dissemination of academic research.
To make this service as cheap and as efficient as possible, we broadcast audio (sound) only, and with limited interactivity.

Primarily we broadcast a conference/event live, we record it and make it available for download. Every event will have its dedicated webpage with supporting information and text, as well as contacts and links to the contributors. Additional features such as e-mail correspondence or discussion forums can easily be added.
We can broadcast any size event, from single lectures to parallel multi-panel conferences.
As a service provider, we are hired by the conference/event organisers and are free to the listener. After the live broadcast all contributions will be placed in our archive, which is accessible as a free internet resource. Our main aim is to assist with the dissemination of research.

We, the broadcast service company, rely on having good channels of communications with the conference organisers. While it might look very simple, broadcasting a conference is still a relatively complex undertaking which needs the cooperation of institutions, businesses and individuals as well as the internet infrastructure.
If you are thinking about using our services, please email or telephone and we will gladly answer your queries.

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