bdbc_tape_med1Welcome to the Archive of the Backdoor Broadcasting Company. The archive is the central hub of the Backdoor Broadcasting Company. Its aim is to disseminate academic research, experimental music and sonic adventures. It has a dynamic search engine -below the player on the right -  so it can be searched by date, name, subject and keywords, or you can use the archive index.  Access to the archive is free. All contributions and recording can be listened to, and downloaded free of charge. Some might require a password, which would be set by the event organiser. Should this be the case we will provide the email/phone contact to obtain access to the recordings. This can usually be found on the specified event webpage.
Please note that all artistic expressions are covered by the Creative Commons Licence.

Organisers and contributors will, by agreeing to be broadcast, contribute to the content of the archive. All contributions will be unedited except for reasons of sound quality and, if needed, length. Should a contributor wish to have their contribution removed for whatever reason, the Backdoor Broadcasting Company will gladly oblige. Requests for removal can be done here.
All archived material is available for download in the .mp3 format, or if you prefer, we can send you (for a small charge) a CD/memory stick with the relevant broadcast, in whatever format.
You can use the archive either by using the search facility on the right, or go to the Listen page.

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