All downloads are free. If you (left) click on ‘download’ you will hear the contribution on a seperate (Quicktime player) page – we suggest that if you want to stay on the event page to click ‘play’ rather than download. But if you want to save the file to your computer (or portable device) the sound files can be obtained by right clicking on ‘download’ under the contribution title, and selecting ‘save to disk’. This will start the download.

* for Mac users: hold down the “control” key and click the mouse. When the small menu opens up asking you what to do with the file, select “download linked file as…” to specify where on your hard drive you want the file saved. If unspecified, it will download to your ‘downloads’ folder.

Once it has finished, you can double click on it and it should open in your media player. Or , alternatively, you can place it in your mobile device such as an iPod and listen ‘on the go’.
Should you have any problems listening, please contact us.

Copy the code below to your web site.