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    April 2014 Newsletter

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    April 2014 Newsletter

    Hello and welcome to our April newsletter. The month of March is always a busy one and we have recorded a wide variety of events, despite many departments and conference organisers having to cut back and do with less. We have noticed this and it has been a difficult time for all concerned, but we carry on, as we do, regardless. On a cheerier note, we now have more listeners than ever, with March clocking up nearly 6 million hits on our website, from 152 different countries from the Solomon Islands to Kyrgyzstan via the rest of the world. OK, let’s start with two topical events on food – which were orgainised by the Humanities and Arts Research Centre at Royal Holloway:

    The Kingston Shakespeare Seminars continued with two talks:

    Our regular contribution from the Royal Asiatic Society this month was:

    and staying with the Asian theme (and Royal Asiatic Society contributors), the Oriental Rug and Textile Society held a public event on the textiles of Sumatra:

    while the School of Oriental and African Stiudies (SOAS), University of London held an interesting conference on how to digitise Tibetan script:

    Moving on to Senate House (next door to SOAS), the Institute of Philosophy held a conference on Logic and Language:

    and the Aristotelian Society had it’s regular meeting with:

    Jessica Moss – Plato’s Appearance/Assent Account of Belief

    Now on to History: Lord David Owen gave a very interesting talk on his recent book on the secret cabinet talks before WWI, after having gained access to the Cabinet archive:

    And another lecture by a titled person: Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith, former UK ambassador to Greece, gave the Hellenic lecture at Royal Holloway:

    and Dame Janet Thornton (Geneticist) gave the 2014 Bernal lecture at Birkbeck:

    And staying with biology, the history of the bubonic plague was looked at by scientists and historians  from Royal Holloway:

    The Bedford Centre for the History of Women at Royal Holloway held its annual lecture, this year give by Professor Claire Langhamer (Sussex):

    while the keynote address for the Wiener Library’s ‘Labour and Race in Modern German History’ conference was given by Professor Richard Overy (Exeter):

    Those dreadfully clever people at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) held two events:

    The journal Mind & Language, together with the department of Philosophy at Birkbeck held ‘The Cognitive Science of Religion’ conference, which can be listened to in its entirety here:

    The Leo Baeck Institute, London has started a new lecture series entitled ‘The Jews in the Great War’ – and the first contribution came from the curator of the Jewish Military Museum, London, Roz Currie:

    as well as hosting their second annual Leo Baeck lecture:

    And finally, from our oldest and most popular Research Institute, the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities in conjunction with the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict (SVAC) research group, comes a roundtable talk led by Joanna Bourke:

    Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts: Film, Testimony, and the Vietnam War

    The universities are slowing down for the Easter break now, and we have very few events booked for recording in April, so I hope that the above selection can keep your minds occupied for a while. Once terms starts again, we could really do with more bookings, for seminar talks, symposia, conferences and public lectures – we are available, and a very reasonable prices. So, if you have events you want podcast across the globe, email us and we’ll see to it that your research reaches the widest possible audiences.
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    Keep your ears pricked… (and in case you are an adventurous audiophile, click here)

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