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    February 2015 Newsletter

    in News by on February 6th, 2015

    February 2015 Newsletter

    Welcome to our February 2015 newsletter. We have had a very varied January, recording conferences, events and public lectures around the country, as well as our regulars in and around London.
    So let’s start with our latest client, the University of Roehampton (London), who held a one-day symposium on theatre audiences, or to be more precise the audience’s interactions with the theatre practitioners. The final two hours of this day were open to the public and produced a lively debate, which can be found here:

    And staying with the theatre, the Kingston Shakespeare seminars continued, and we have two of their talks here:

    Now moving on to music:  we recorded two very different events: one is the inaugural lecture by Professor Stephen Downes (who usually talks on Szymanowski, but not in this case) on sentimentality in music:

    and the other was the much talked about conference on the German band Kraftwerk – not a standard academic topic, but it produced a wealth of interesting papers, all of them can be listened to here:

    Our steady stalwarts The Aristotelian Society held three of their seminars:

    Two topical lectures on Social Science:

    The featured photographer on Photoworks’ (Brighton) series ‘Desert Island Pics’ was Simon Roberts, with an interesting selection of photographs. You can hear him talking about them here:

    The Royal Asiatic Society weighed in with:

    The department of History at Royal Holloway introduced their latest member of staff, Dr Robert Priest, with a fascinating and topical paper:

    And the series of nine public lectures to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University continued with two contributions:

    Finally, and this has been the most popular stream and downoad since we placed in on line, the London Graduate School’s introductory talk fo rtheir MA in Psychoanalysis:

    So fingers crossed that we will see the next newsletter from the new website, in the meantime please note that we have a ‘follow us on Twitter’ button now on our home page, so if you someone who collects tweets, or tweets, please follow us and I will send out every new recording on Twitter.  Follow @Backdoor_Radio

    Remember, you can get all the latest via facebook, as we now have a facebook page – just ‘like’ us (in the facebook way) and get every new entry posted to your facebook page.

    Keep your ears pricked… (and in case you are an adventurous audiophile, click here)

    All the best,






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