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    October 2015 Newsletter

    in News by on October 6th, 2015

    October 2015 Newsletter

    Welcome to our October newsletter and to the 2015/16 academic year.

    While the summer was a bit of a wash-out as far as the weather was concerned here in the UK, we did record some interesting conferences over the holiday period, starting with the ‘Blind Creations’ conference at Royal Holloway. As mentioned in the last newsletter, this conference explored the theme of the Arts and blind/visually impaired people. Its stated aim was to ‘challenge and reconceptualise the myths and stereotypes of ‘blindness’ which continue to circulate by recasting ‘blindness’ as a multi-faceted and positive creative force which might be usefully explored by both non-blind and blind people.’

    We didn’t record the material ourselves (with the exceptions of a couple of keynotes and an audio described tour), but of course helped out when their recordings didn’t turn out that well, and cleaned them up and made it all audible and here it is:

    Another high-profile international conference entitled ‘The Carceral Archipelago: transnational circulations in global perspective, 1415-1960′ took place in Leicester, and this time we recorded all of it. Its stated aim was to ‘analyse the relationships and circulations between and across convict transportation, penal colonies and labour, migration, coercion and confinement’, put to gether by Prof Clare Anderson (Leicester) and was funded by the European Research Council.  Some fantastically interesting papers and stimulating debates can all be listened to here:

    The University of Kent continued its ‘New Drugs Seminars’ with the latest investigations in to the so-called ‘legal highs’ and their use, especially in prisons:

    The ‘“Dying Well”: Enacting Medical Ethics’ conference tool place in the most extraordinary location: Bart’s Pathology Museum in London. There, among the jars of pickled organs and body parts, the conference on medical ethics unfolded, with a selection of very wide-ranging papers, exploring theses such as Socio-Cultural Responses to the Ethical Challenges of Biomedicine, Bodily Practices and Embodied Knowledge, Institutions, Faith, Conscience and the Role of Doctors, with speakers from academia, law and the medical professions. It’s all here:

    The first talk of the year at the Royal Asiatic Society:

    The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) started its series of talk with:

    and the Kingston Shakespeare seminars, under the theme of ‘Shakespeare and Sovereignty’ explored the ‘War of the Roses’ trilogy:

    And finally, the Aristotelian Society started the new academic year with the address by their 108th president, Professor Susan James (Birkbeck):


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