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    July 2015 Newsletter

    in News by on July 13th, 2015

    July 2015 Newsletter

    Welcome to our July newsletter. As the summer break is already on the way for most universities, we only have a few select recordings from June and early July, but nevertheless there is enough new material to keep you intellectually stimulated throughout the summer. But first a little explanation what happened to the website from 30 June  to 4 July, when many of you found the site not operational, or only up for a few hours before crashing again. The reasons for this were three co-ordinated Denial of Service attacks, which targeted our website. They are malicious attacks on a website, making it crash by sending many thousands of requests simultaneously to the website. We had three prolonged attacks, sending about 30.000 requests per minute to the website, crashing it a number of times.

    From what I could tell,  the last IP addresses they originated from were from servers located in the Eastern USA (NY, Massachusetts, RI), and my guess is that they were VNPsonce or multiple times over, so really we cannot tell where the attacks originated from. We have since upped our security and put mechanisms in place to prevent this happening again, but this is nevertheless a headache. The attacks started after I uploaded the talk on Greece (Southern European Crisis and the Future of Europe), and, although this might be complete coincidental and random, this could also mean that there is a causal connections between the topic of the talk and the denial of service attacks – certainly the speakers from that event, some of the speakers very close to the SYRIZA government on Greece, told me that this was very common in Greece, where many websites connected to the present government and ruling party are under constant attack from hackers. Then again, we have had an attack a few years back, which was totally unrelated to the topic….If you have any ideas or comments on this, please feel free to email me.

    OK, now the the material we recorded in June and early July, starting with a very exciting conference from Central St Martins in London ‘Restless Futures’. This conference was the culmination of a year of events and exhibitions at Central St Martins, a ‘day-long event  with more than 20 renowned national and international contributors, including novelist, director, actor and comedian Stella Duffy; writer, cultural commentator and award-winning broadcaster Ekow Eshun; founding partner of muf architects Liza Fior; award winning designer Usman Haque, founder of the Internet of Things & Umbrellium; Director of Somerset House Jonathan Reekie; authority on cultural policy and Director of SESC Sao Paulo, Danilo Santos de Miranda and world-leading author, sociologist and urbanist Richard Sennett, Centennial Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics’. You can listen to the whole day here:

    A couple of regulars with their end of term events, first the Aristotelian Society:

    and one from the Royal Asiatic Society:

    The Magna Carta celebrations continued at Royal Holloway with their annual Magna Carta Lecture:

    Also from Royal Holloway, the last in the series of the ‘Making Space for Art’ talks, with a day-long symposium on curating and museum and gallery work, with a wide diversity of topics from the latest fashion exhibits at the V&A to curating Royal collections. It’s all here:

    The School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, also at Royal Holloway, held their annual post-graduate conference and we recorded the keynote lecture:

    We also recorded an excellent discussion on race relations legislation entitled ‘Race, Equality and the Law; organised by the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism with Dr Edie Friedman (JCORE), Dr Camilla Schofield (East Anglia), Dr Anastasia Vakulenko (Birmingham) and Dr Omar Khan (Runnymede Trust):

    The series of one-day seminars on New Drugs from the university of Kent, continued, this time from Liverpool:

    and on to the podcast that might have caused all the trouble, Costas Douzinas, Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Etienne Balibar on

    And, as every year, the academic year ends with Birkbeck’s London Critical Theory Summer School, and the two Friday debates we record. The first one was with Wendy Brown, David Harvey and Etienne Balibar:

    and the second one with Costas Douzinas, Jacqueline Rose, Esther Leslie, Stephen Frosh and Slavoj Zizek:

    Over the summer we will be adding recorded talks to a huge important conference ‘ Blind Creations’, which took place at Royal Holloway at the end of June. The organisers had decided to record the material themselves, but sadly it did not work out very well for them, so we are in the process of cleaning up the material, which is laborious and difficult, and will take some time. But it is certainly worth having a listen, a few talks are up already, and I will continue to add material as soon as it’s in a good enough state. It’s all here:

    Now as the summer holidays are upon us, remember that there are over 6000 hours of recorded material in the archive here. As things stand at the moment, our next recordings are at the beginning of September. Have a good summer!

    For bookings, please use the contact page or email me directly.

    In the meantime please note that we have a ‘follow us on Twitter’ button now on our home page, so if you someone who collects tweets, or tweets, please follow us and I will send out every new recording on Twitter.  Follow @Backdoor_Radio

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    Keep your ears pricked… (and in case you are an adventurous audiophile, click here)

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