Other Services

We offer a variety of other services, which are all connected with our main activity of podcasting. These are:

Live Broadcast Streams
Should you want a conference or lecture broadcast live, we can easily arrange for a live stream feed to go either through your or our website. The quality of the stream depends on the stability of the internet connection, so we recommend that you have an institutional log-in or ethernet access ready for us when we get there.
Multi audio file/.mp3 Players
If you have a number of recordings, either on a specific theme or to enhance your research institution, we can place them into a single player to play them in sequence or on demand. These players can be on our site or embedded into yours.
Radio Production
We can edit and produce radio programmes for specific purposes. This might be on designated topics – such as new research, or highlighting an institution – or conference reports and features.
Joint Conferencing
We can use our server to link up conferences/research seminars across the globe, not just to reduce the academics’ carbon footprint, but also to cut travel and organising costs. We instruct other institutions how to record the material and upload to our server, where we can edit and compile the material as instructed. Additionally, we can link conference contributions and discussions with live feeds and discussion and email forums.
Recording for Transcripts
We can record for transcripts with a variety of high-quality microphones and voice-enhancing software to capture every word even in the noisiest places.  We do not offer transcripts of the recorded material, but we know some very nice people who can: The Transcription Centre
Web Design
We can make bespoke websites for institutions, individuals, charities and businesses, at very low prices. As many research projects and conferences struggle with the unwieldy and sluggish machinations of institutional IT departments, a quick consultation with us can produce stylish and easy-to-navigate websites (examples can be viewed here, here, and here).
Creating Digital Archives
We can assist with the creation of digital archives, be it high resolution photographic images or uncompressed audio, tape, vinyl or cassette to high quality digital audio. We can arrange for secure data storage on a variety of servers as well as physical back-up copies.
Sound Experiment
We would like to encourage sound artists and designers to have a prominent internet presence, and for this reason we invite sound artists to contribute to our archive. This service is free of charge.

For all of the above services, please contact us here.

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