Children in Troubled Worlds Conference

EVENT DATE:SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 Children in Troubled Worlds Conference 2008 The Outsider: Born, Bred or Created; the notion of the outsider is explored through criminology, art and psychoanalysis. Friday 26th of September St Antony’s College ********************************* Chair: Margaret Rustin, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist speakers were: Gerry Byrne, Kate Carling, Professor David Wilson, Martin Jennings, David Morgan, Dr. Donald Campbell …

Is Psychotherapy Research Asking the Wrong Questions?

EVENT DATE: SEPTEMBER 12TH 2008 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRISTS FACULTY OF PSYCHOTHERAPY, TRAINEE SECTION Is Psychotherapy Research asking the Wrong Questions? How can psychotherapy thrive in an evidence-based NHS? WADHAM COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Chairperson: Professor PETER HOBSON speakers were: Professor Peter Hobson, Dr. Chess Denman, Aidan Lunt, Dr. Stirling Moorey share this entry: