Frances Bartkowski – In Praise of Mixing

25 February 2009 – (HARC) – Professor Fran Bartkowski takes up the questions surrounding contemporary ideas of kinship. How in times of constantly expanding knowledge from the biological sciences, neurosciences, and genetics do we continue to determine in our daily lives those whom we invest with intimacy? Who counts as our kin? What are the forms of care to which we commit ourselves? What about our relations with our pets, or companion animals, as some suggest we call them?

Fiona MacIntosh – Aeschylus and the Enlightenment

18 February 2009 – (HARC) – speaker: Dr. Fiona MacIntosh – The often overlooked first complete translation of Aeschylus’ plays into French by Le Franc de Pompignan (1770) lies at the centre of Dr. Macintosh’s investigation into the reception of the Oresteia in pre- and post-revolutionary France.

Nelida Fuccaro – Middle Eastern Urban Frontiers, Migrants and States

17 February 2009 – Dr. Nelida Fuccaro traces the development of the urban settlements of Bahrain and Kuwait and their (predominantly Iranian) migrant communities, as well as the rapid economic change from pearl fishing and merchants to the modern petroleum industry.