Sue Vice – False Testimony

17 March 2009 – Royal Holloway Holocaust Research Centre Annual Lecture – In this talk, Professor Sue Vice will explore the phenomenon of false Holocaust testimony

Daniela Berghahn – Citizens of Two Worlds: Hybrid Identity Formation in Diasporic Coming-of-Age Films

17 March 2009 – (HARC) – Coming-of-age films, a loosely defined sub-genre of the youth film, centre on the transition from childhood to adolescence or from adolescence to adulthood. This transition usually occurs as a result of a formative experience (first love, separation, death) or a rite-of-passage (test of courage, graduation) and normally results in a fundamental choice the protagonist has to make. In this paper Dr Daniela Berghahn argues that coming-of-age narratives occupy a central position in the work of diasporic filmmakers…