Patrick Pollard – Classical Improprieties in Modern France: Before and After Freud: Le Roi Candaule and Oedipe by Andre Gide

18 March 2009 – (HARC) – Patrick Pollard, BA, PhD (Lond), is Emeritus Professor of French at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research interests lie in the history of ideas (with an emphasis on 19-20th c. France), the history of literature (with publications on Gide, Stendhal, Zola, and the reception of Wilde and Robert Browning in France) and the history of sexuality (homosexuality; has published on Gide, Magnus Hirschfeld, and researches on gay novels published in France in the 3rd Republic (i.e. 1871-1914) and Jean Genet). He also conducts research on the classical tradition in France (i.e. the history of translation from Greek and Latin authors into French; the modern reuse of ancient myths; gender and sexuality in the ancient world and its relationship to modern discourse in this area).