Contemporary Women’s Writing in French

7 March 2009
Contemporary Women’s Writing in French: Recent Fiction
New Perspectives
A Celebration of Professor Elizabeth Fallaize

Garden Quad Auditorium – St John’s College, Oxford, OX1 3JP

speaker_elizabethfallaize1The Contemporary Women’s Writing in French Seminar is celebrating Professor Elizabeth Fallaize’s retirement and her important contribution to the field.

You are warmly invited to join us via this sound recording.

The day draws and builds on some of the insights on 1970s and 1980s writing in Elizabeth’s 1993 volume French Women’s Writing: Recent Fiction. It provides the opportunity to establish a bilan of women’s writing in French in the 1990s and post-2000 in relation to the perceived shift from the impact of second wave feminism to that of a putative postfeminism.

The first two sessions focus on recent works by two of the authors Elizabeth featured, Annie Ernaux‘s Les Années (2008), led by Diana Holmes and Alison Fell; and Marie Redonnet’s L’Accord de paix (2000) and Diego (2005), led by Ruth Cruickshank and Sarah Fishwick. Adopting the format of French Women’s Writing, they are structured around short excerpts of these writers’ most recent fictions, identifying ways in which Ernaux and Redonnet reflect the realities and challenges of gender, sexuality and identity and of being a woman writing in French in the twenty-first century.

The third session is devoted to a round table session on 1990s and post-2000 women’s writing in French, featuring CWWF members at different career stages and with complementary areas of expertise (Lucille Cairns, Amaleena Damle, Shirley Jordan, Gill Rye and Helen Vassallo; chaired by Margaret Atack). It is loosely structured around a set of questions which build on those raised by Elizabeth, considering developments in notions of gender, sexual and racial identity; in the condition of women and women writers; and in the field of Francophone women’s writing.

Supported by the Department of
French at Royal Holloway, University of London
and St John’s College, Oxford
Dr Ruth Cruickshank

The Contemporary Women’s Writing in French Seminar is based at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, Senate House, University of London. The Seminar is a forum for the discussion and promotion of contemporary women’s writing in French (from either metropolitan France or elsewhere), the main focus being new and recent texts.

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