Tom Paine – 200th Anniversary


Event Date: 28 March 2009

Gregory Claeys and John Keane

Paine’s legacy 200 years
after his death

A special meeting to mark the 200th anniversary
of the death of Thomas Paine, revolutionary
democrat and author of The Rights of Man, The
Age of Reason
and Common Sense.

Jointly organised by The Socialist History Society, The Thomas Paine Society, The South Place Ethical Society and the Freethought History Research Group.

Two of the leading experts on Paine share the platform:


Gregory Claeys is Professor of the History of Political Thought at Royal Holloway University of London specialising in 19th century radicalism, socialism and Utopianism, author of Thomas Paine: Social and Political Thought (1989) and the forthcoming Imperial Sceptics: British Critics of Empire 1850-1920.

John Keane is Professor of Politics at the University of Westminster and author of a political biography of Tom Paine, Violence and Democracy and The Life and Death of Democracy. In 1989 he founded the Centre for the Study of Democracy, now established as a major research centre for the study of international relations, political theory and cultural studies.

Socialist History Society
Thomas Paine Society
South Place Ethical Society

Due to technical difficulties the recording of the public meeting was of very poor quality. We have, however, managed to persuade Greg Claeys and John Keane to read their papers again. So here they are:


Gregory Claeys:



John Keane:



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