A Taste of Physics – Colliding – LHC, CERN and the new Physics

Event date: 30 June 2009

University of London Taster Day Programme at the  Department of Physics Royal Holloway University of London

A Taste of Physics – One of two lectures to whet your appetite to study Physics:


Colliding – LHC, CERN and the new Physics

speaker_boogert2Dr. Stewart Boogert

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and its associated experiments, Atlas, CMS, LHCb and Alice will be the largest and most complex science experiment ever constructed. One of the numerous possible discoveries is a candidate for Dark Matter. Dark matter is thought to pervade the whole observable Universe, indeed make up a significant fraction of the mass of the Universe. This lecture will explain the astronomical observational basis for Dark Matter and links to possible discoveries at the LHC.



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