Slavoj Zizek – Masterclass – day 1 – Notes Towards a Definition of Communist Culture: Utopias

The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

Event Date: Monday 15 June  2009

The master class analyses phenomena of modern thought and culture with the intention to discern elements of possible Communist culture. It moves at two levels: first, it interprets some cultural phenomena (from today’s architecture to classic literary works like Rousseau’s La Nouvelle Heloise) as failures to imagine or enact a Communist culture; second, it explores attempts at imagining how a Communist culture could look, from Wagner’s Ring to Kafka’s and Beckett’s short stories and contemporary science fiction novels.

from 15 June 2009:




PART II  Tuesday 16  June 2009: Architecture
PART III Wednesday 17 June 2009: Wagner
PART IV  Thursday 18 June 2009: Populism and Democracy
PART V   Friday 19 June 2009: Multiculturalism

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