What are the Humanities For? – debate

19 November 2009 – Is humanities research addressing the right questions? What contribution are the humanities making towards solving urgent problems? How can humanities disciplines renew themselves? Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht) and Costas Douzinas (Birkbeck) debate and discuss.

Nick Holder – History and Archaeology: Finding some Common Ground

10 November 2009 – Nick Holder looks at the types of evidence and data created by archaeologists and consider ways that historians can make use of that body of evidence, as well as at some case studies of fruitful co-operation between archaeologists and historians.


Walter Benjamin & Bertolt Brecht: Story of a Friendship?

6 November 2009 – This conference celebrates the publication of Erdmut Wizisla’s formidable study ‘Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht: The Story of a Friendship’ and explores the ways in which Wizisla’s study augments, challenges or re-constellates previous analyses. speakers: Erdmut Wizisla, Peter Thompson, Barabara Engh, Tony Phelan, Esther Leslie, Chryssoula Kambas


Rorty and the Mirror of Nature

6 November 2009 – speakers: Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh), Bjorn Ramberg (Oslo), Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins), Albrecht Wellmer (Berlin)