Helen Graham – Border Crossings: Thinking about the International Brigaders before and after Spain

3 December 2009 – The International Brigaders fought for the democratic Republic during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), later forming the core of early World War II Resistance movements. This lecture explores their origins in the broader history of the 20th century European diaspora; their significance as the antithesis of Hitler’s New Order; and their lives of perpetual border-crossing as a definition of dynamic social change.


Nina Power – Stony Ground but not entirely: Beckett and the Humanities

2 December 2009 – Beckett’s relationship to what we might understand by ‘the Humanities’ is a vexed one. Beckett’s references are often classical (Dante, the Bible, Descartes), and yet he is heralded as the great forerunner of certain kinds of poststructuralist concerns regarding the death of the author, the opacity of meaning, and so on.