After Human Rights?

26 February 2010 – panelists will examine, challenge and rethink the tension between ‘particular, nationally-bounded’ citizenship and ‘natural’ human rights drawing on the insights of theoretical and empirical scholarship and of the politics of human rights activism.

Moving Performers, Travelling Performance (session 3)

25 February 2010 – Third in a series of roundtable discussions on the theme of ‘Moving Performers, Travelling Performance’ aiming to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue on the movement of performers, their practices, and their artefacts. speakers to be announced

Pakistan: business as usual?

25 February 2010 – A round table event with David Taylor, Umar Khan, Ali Usman Qasmi, Daniel Haines, Sarah Ansari, Humayun Ansari, Markus Daechsel


Words and Music: Listening to Song

24 February 2010 – The two half-day sessions of the seminar “Words and Music” will set up a dialogue between speakers, including a musicologist, an audio scientist, a practising poet, a composer, and literary specialists.


Mark Fisher – Nubureaucracy and Capitalist Realism

12 February 2010 – This symposium will explore nu-bureaucracy and other related concepts developed in Capitalist Realism, such as ‘business ontology’ and ‘market Stalinism’. How has nu-bureaucracy affected education and public services, and how can it be resisted? What implications might the attack on nu-bureaucracy have for a renewed anti-capitalism?