Leading London Theatre Critics In the Spotlight


Royal Holloway Department of Drama and Theatre

Event Date: 26 February 2010
Studio Theatre
Royal Holloway University of London

Leading London Theatre Critics In the Spotlight

Participants: Kate Bassett (The Independent on Sunday),  Lyn Gardner (The Guardian), Mark Shenton (The Sunday Express), and Ian Shuttleworth (Financial Times), chaired by Sheryl Hill and Karen Fricker.

This event brings together leading London theatre critics for an evening of conversation about the changing craft of theatre criticism. How is the decline of print media and the rise of Web 2.0 affecting 21st century theatre criticism? How do these critics understand the relationship between themselves, their readers, and the theatre industry? What advice can they offer to the next generation of critics and theatre practitioners? A panel discussion will be followed by question-and-answer session with a primarily student audience.


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