Brigid Haines – Herta Müller: Nobel Laureate 2009

The Romanian-German writer Herta Müller (1953-) was a surprise choice for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2009, but, argues Brigid Haines in this interview with Irish radio channel RTE, a justified one.

Trauma Fiction History – Nineteenth Century Monsters

12 March 2010 – This seminar will consist of papers by three academics working on different aspects of monstrosity, followed by a round-table discussion. Speakers include Dr Miranda Gill (Cambridge), Dr Louise Lyle (ULIP) and Professor Abigail Lee Six (Royal Holloway).

John Clarke – Crises and Conjunctures: looking for the here and now

10 March 2010 – The recent economic crisis has brought the questions and problems of analysing conjunctures back into focus. In this seminar, I want to return to the model of conjunctural analysis mapped out in Policing the Crisis (Hall et al., 1978) and explore three problems of trying to develop a conjunctural analysis of the present

Words and Music: second session

3 March 2010 – The second of two half-day sessions of the seminar “Words and Music” sets up a dialogue between speakers specialising in different aspects of this question, including a musicologist, an audio scientist, a practising poet, a composer, and literary specialists.