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Event Date: 16-17 April 2010

Ciné Lumière, The French Institute
17 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2DT


From Structure to Rhizome
Transdisciplinarity in French thought, 1945 to the present: histories, concepts, constructions

In the final decades of the twentieth century, the ‘great books’ of postwar French theory transformed study in the humanities in the Anglophone world. These books were all, in one way or another, transdisciplinary in character. Yet their reception has primarily taken place in an array of specific disciplinary contexts, isolated from a broader understanding of the intellectual dynamics, forms, significance and innovative potential of transdisciplinarity itself. This conference aims to redress this situation. Each speaker will reflect on the transdisciplinary functioning of a single concept in French thought since 1945, with respect to a founding text, a particular thinker or a school of thought.




Friday 16 April

<Due to technical difficulties at The Institute Français  the sound quality of the recordings from Friday 16 April 2010 is somewhat impeded.>

Peter Osborne, Introduction:Transdisciplinarity .

Etienne Balibar, Structure – (AUDIO HERE)

Stella Sandford, Sex – (AUDIO HERE)

Guillaume Collett, Object a – (AUDIO HERE)

Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, Science – (AUDIO HERE)


Saturday 17 April

Alain de Libera, Subject – (AUDIO HERE)

François Cusset, Theory – (AUDIO HERE)

Michèle Riot-Sarcey, History – (AUDIO HERE)

Andrew Barry, Network – (AUDIO HERE)

Éric Alliez, Rhizome – (AUDIO HERE)

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