Alexander Thomas – Theremin

Alexander Thomas – Theremin

Recorded May 2010


About Alexander Thomas :

Hi, yes. I am that guy, I play the Theremin and live in Bristol, I like going other places and playing the Theremin, I record music that sounds a little bit nice, sometimes when I play live it gets very noisy and angry, if you would like to book me please say so. Listen to them that’s up there.


“Some people claim that making music from loops and effect pedals is too easy. Alexander Thomas counters this by using only Theremin for his sound sources, which is one of the hardest instruments to play well (if a guitar with no frets sounds difficult, imagine one with no neck or strings either, and that’s how awkward a Theremin is to control). Quickly bypassing the b-movie clichés of the instrument, Thomas builds up a sensual series of sonic constructions, that are alternately scouring and beautiful. Unbelievably his last number manages to somehow create crunchy beats from the Theremin, and sounds like a lost Mu-Ziq classic. Plus he’s a dapper dresser; there’s too much scruffiness in alt music. All hail.” – Nightshift Music, Oxford, April 2008

“Alexander Thomas coaxes delicious ripples from his Theremin. This serious man and the first electronic instrument are a luscious spectacle together. His eerie soundscapes are full of pathos and seem to call up ghosts of our electronic past, from Edison to Aphex.” – QuJunktions

“Another solo set by Alexander Thomas lulls the gathered coffee drinkers to a blissful, respectful silence. Frantic pedal pushing helps create layers of lush slow-changing harmonies over which he plays haunting melodies. These are gentle thought pieces, synaesthetic narratives of the kind only a Holophonor could recreate.” – SkipTheBudgie.org

“Second up was Alexander Thomas who was an extraordinary contrast to the preceding act. Up there just with a Theremin and digital loop machine, holding the audience rapt with his miniature orchestra. The skill involved playing his machine, let alone the timing required to layer the sounds made for a mesmerising performance. At times it sounded like violins and at other times, birds – fascinating.” – RottenMeats blog


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