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‘Citizenship without Community’

Event Date: Monday 10 May 2010
The British Library Meeting Room 2

An international workshop hosted by the Open University
in collaboration with the BISA poststructural politics working group


Welcome and introduction .
(Vicki Squire, Open University and Angharad Closs Stephens, Durham University)

Keynote 1
Engin Isin (The Open University) Citizens without nations  – (AUDIO HERE)

Panel 1: Politics without community

Joe Painter (Durham University) The politics of the neighbour – (AUDIO HERE)

Jonna Pettersson (Lund University)
Resisting sameness: political emancipation outside the community – (AUDIO HERE)

Andrew Schaap (Exeter University)  – paper co-authored with Paul Muldoon (Monash University)
The Constituent Power of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (Canberra, Australia)

Teresa Pullano (Science-Po and Italien Research Council)
A Postrevolutionary and Territorial European Citizenship (AUDIO HERE)

panel discussion .

Panel 2: Mobile citizenship

Cindy Weber (Lancaster University)
Desert Designs: Design, Citizenship, and Political Acts of Citizenship With/Out Community – (AUDIO HERE)

Rutvica Andrijasevic and Claudia Aradau (The Open University)
Unexpected citizens: sex work, mobility, Europe – (AUDIO HERE)

Umut Erel (The Open University) Beyond home – migrant mothers’citizenship – (AUDIO HERE)

Michael Janoshka (Spanish National Research Council)
Lifestyle migration and the practice of Citizenship. Conceptualizing the scales of political struggles in locations of leisure-oriented mobility

(Michael Janoshka was unable to attend)

panel discussion .

Keynote 2

Étienne Balibar (University of California, Irvine)  (AUDIO HERE)
The “impossible” community of the citizens: Past and present problems


Concluding words from Jef Huysmans .


photos from the conference:

This event is sponsored by ENACT Project (Open University); CCIG Research Centre (OU); the BISA poststructural politics working group; POLIS Department (OU)

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