Simon Palfrey – Possible Worlds


A one-day seminar hosted by the Department of English Royal Holloway, University of London

Event Date: Friday 28 May 2010

The aim of the seminar is to provide a forum in which to debate the validity and value of treating Shakespeare as a philosopher or his plays as forms of philosophical thought, and of bringing philosophical perspectives, past or present, to bear on his plays and poetry.

Simon Palfrey (Brasenose College, Oxford)  – Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds’ explores Lear, and in particular Edgar, as a site of possibility, through the lens of Leibniz’s monadology and Agamben’s potentiality.

Simon Palfrey is Official Fellow at Brasenose College, Oxford. Among his publications are Late Shakespeare: A New World of Worlds (1997), Doing Shakespeare (2004), ‘Macbeth and Kierkegaard’ (Shakespeare Survey, 2004), and Shakespeare in Parts, co-written with Tiffany Stern (2007). He is the editor, with Ewan Fernie, of the ‘Shakespeare Now!’ series.


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