Michele Battini – German war crimes and allied justice

Event Date: Sunday 26 September 2010

Imperial War Museum, London

Racism, war, atrocity, and its aftermath in Italy, 1938-2010


Michele Battini (University of Pisa)
German war crimes and allied justice

Michele Battini reconstructs the history of the major trial that the Allies planned to institute against the entire military command of the
Nazi forces operating in Italy from 1943 to 1945. The trial was prepared on the logistical bases and juridical ones of one of the 13 Nuremberg  Trials, that against the leaders of the Wehrmacht, but it never took place.The reason was that it would have jeopardized the re-integration of the German Federal Republic in the West community, and would also have risked placing the Italian government in the embarrassing position of having the Italian army prosecuted for crimes committed in the countries occupied by the Rome-Berlin axis. The enigma of this missing Italian Nuremberg and the explanation of the limits of the transitional justice can also be explained in terms of the political situation in post war Europe, the diplomatic relations between Italy and the Allies and the double game played by the Italian government.These  events served to give rise to a highly selective memory of totalitarianism and the war in Italy. Justice, truth and peace: all good things do not go together.


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