Dark Materialism



Event Date: 12 January 2011
Flett Lecture Theatre
Natural History Museum

Dark Materialism

This symposium draws on recent paradigms in contemporary philosophy, physics and critical theory. It assembles unique and multidisciplinary reflections on the idea of darkness in its relation to matter in diverse locations, namely: physics, astronomy, ecology, mysticism, speculative realism, psychoanalysis and literature. As a conceptual framework, dark materialism engages with matter at the thresholds of its annihilation and disappearance beyond the topographies of ‘base materialism’ and at the very edges of forms of thought where the objects, things, Things and no-things on which it depended exert their independence. Darkness, in matter, energy, ecology and life itself, in black holes in the universe and in the mind, emerges as baseless and founding, exterior and interior at once. It leaves thought in the void, enabling disruptions and speculative realignments of diverse concepts and the real itself, reshaping not only the world of ideas but also the very order of things.


Fred Botting – Introduction .

Dorothée LegrandConstitutive Self-Negation (AUDIO HERE)

Gabriel CatrenThe Thing and the Shrink (AUDIO HERE)

Eugene ThackerDivine Darkness (AUDIO HERE)

Jean-Jacques Lecercle  – Dark Epiphanies (AUDIO HERE)

Reza NegarestaniA veritable earth? An Afterthought in Territopic Materialism

Roundtable Discussion .
Chair: Stella Sandford
Ben WoodwardWith a response to Reza Negarestani’s paper

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