Colo – Salad Days

We are two good friends who make music.  I guess our sound is influenced mainly by UK Bass music stuff like dubstep/garage etc and Electro acoustic, house/techno, odd synth music the list goes on.  That mixed with a huge amount of influence from instrumental LA hip-hop.  The so called ‘beat’ scene that has really exploded over the last year or so is probably the place we fall into if we were to be catagorised.  We don’t really use samples like a lot of beat music does, we sample the odd drum intro off records but really we record everything from scratch.  We’ve collected a few analoge synths over the years and buy loads of old kids keyboards and things that make noises from charity shops and car boot sales.
We’ve got a few forthcoming releases, we did a remix of Jack Dixon and Robin Cards track ‘alone’ which is going to be on their 2X12″ release out on take records ( you can go there to download the free 4 track take records ep which feautres our song twentysix).  We have just finished a remix for our good friends stealing sheep and have started work on our first ep which will be out in the summer.
This is the link to our songs we have online
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