Étienne Balibar – Eleven Theses on Marx and Marxism

Event Date: 14 April 2011 Swedenborg Hall   The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) presents Professor Étienne Balibar(University of Paris X and Irvine, University of California) – Eleven Theses on Marx and Marxism ——————————————————– Introduction by Peter Osborne . ——————————————————– talk: ——————————————————– questions: ——————————————————– download handout: Eleven Theses ——————————————————– The Philosophy of Marx by Étienne Balibar available …

Lesley Pullen – Naga Material Culture: 1826-2008

Event date: 14 April 2011 Location:Royal Asiatic Society Stephenson Way
 London NW1 2HD Mrs Lesley Pullen, MA (School of Oriental and African Studies) Naga Material Culture: 1826-2008 ——————————————— talk: ——————————————— questions: ——————————————— accompanying images: share this entry: