Adam Svendsen – The CIA and the Globalisation of Intelligence


Event Date: 29 April – 1 May 2011
East Midlands Conference Centre
University of Nottingham  
University Park
Nottingham NG7 2RJ

Landscapes of Secrecy: The CIA in History, Fiction and Memory

Dr Adam Svendsen (Research Consultant) – The CIA and the Globalisation of Intelligence

This paper advances a broad analysis of how the CIA has engaged with the ‘globalisation of intelligence’ trends from 1989 to date. Firstly, what is generally meant by the ‘globalisation of intelligence’ is briefly examined. Highlighted is the development of an overarching and ever-more complex web, consisting of a plethora of overlapping international intelligence liaison arrangements, which provides a form of global intelligence coverage. The CIA strives to perform an important ‘hub’ and ‘node’ role in that overall arrangement. Secondly, this paper undertakes a brief survey of how the CIA has interacted with the ‘globalisation of intelligence’ trends in both the domains of ‘collection/intelligence gathering’ and in the realm of ‘analysis and assessment/estimation’. Thirdly, and finally, some overall conclusions are drawn. Ultimately, this paper concludes that the CIA has essentially been more a ‘friend’ than ‘foe’ towards the ‘globalisation of intelligence’ trends. However, scope for improvement remains.

Adam D.M. Svendsen has a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick, and has also been educated at the Universities of Nottingham and East Anglia (UEA), Norwich. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, and has worked at Chatham House and IISS, London. He has also worked as a Strategic Intelligence consultant, trained at various European defence colleges, and has multi-sector award-winning media and communication experience, including authoring several publications, such as the book: Intelligence Cooperation and the War on Terror: Anglo-American Security Relations after 9/11 (London: Routledge/Studies in Intelligence Series, 2010).

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