Gerry Gable – Lone Wolves: Myth or Reality? An Overview

Event Date: 15 April 2011
Sunley Management Centre
Park Campus, University of Northampton

Radicalism and New Media Group presents:

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Gerry Gable, MA Crim. (Hope not Hate Campaign)
Lone Wolves: Myth or Reality? An Overview

Lone wolves: myth or reality Lone wolves: myth or reality is a new report from Searchlight that examines the question of whether extreme-right terrorists are isolated individuals – lone wolves – or are connected with and the inevitable consequence of the activities of the various far-right, often small, organisations that espouse a violent racist and fascist ideology.

The project and report arose out of the work of Gerry Gable in gathering and analysing intelligence on the extreme right since May 1964 and his later work as an independent adviser on race hate crime to the Metropolitan Police Service. The report includes case studies of nearly 40 individuals holding far-right political views who have been convicted for serious violence or terrorist offences. It concludes that they were motivated, and obtained the knowledge and means to carry out their acts, through dangerous, far-right networks that introduced them to a perverse ideological world. The report demonstrates conclusively that far-right terrorists are not lone wolves but are connected with a number of insidious organisations.

We hope this report will provide information that will prove useful to those with an interest in preventing terrorism and that it will play a role in the current debate on the future of policing in this country. We also hope that it will promote further discussion about the threat of far-right terrorism.



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