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Event Date: 15 April 2011
Sunley Management Centre
Park Campus, University of Northampton

Radicalism and New Media Group presents:

Think Global – Hate Local


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  • Symposium to be held at Sunley Management Centre Park Campus, University of Northampton
  • Keynote lecture by Professor Nigel Copsey
  • Featuring panels from: National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism (NCDE) & Hope not Hate
  • With academic analysis by: Dr Matthew Feldman, Dr Paul Jackson & Dr Graham Macklin

Far-right ideologies revel in diagnoses of both national and global crisis. Yet they also give clear shape and form to this sense of crisis by developing localised interpretations of their grievances. Examining the synthesis of the global and the local, this one-day symposium brings together public-facing academic analysis with a range of front-line practitioners. Building on the one-day symposium Fascist Radicalism and the New Media, Think Global, Hate Local will allow a variety of expert voices to explore relationships between extremist critiques of global politics and localised pockets of far-right extremism.

Presentations will focus on a variety of far-right organisations in Britain, from the English Defence League and the British National Party to extreme right-wing vanguard movements. The role of new media, and especially the links between online and offline behaviour, will be examined by speakers. Networking opportunities will be combined with keynote talks and panel discussions at this fully catered, one-day event.

For further details, please contact:

Dr Mathew Feldman

Dr Paul Jackson


Welcome Address

Chris Moore, Dean of School of Social Sciences .

Dr Matthew Feldman, Director of the Radicalism and New Media Group



Keynote Talk:

Professor Nigel Copsey (University of Teesside):
Sustaining a Mortal Blow? The British National Party, the 2010 General and Local Elections, and After


Panel 1: Discourses of Hate and the British Far-Right

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor, University of Hull
Hate on the Internet  [AUDIO HERE]

Dr Paul Jackson (University of Northampton):
Colin Jordan: The Universal Nazi [AUDIO HERE]

Gerry Gable, MA Crim. (Hope not Hate Campaign)
Lone Wolves: Myth or Reality? An Overview [AUDIO HERE]


Panel 2: Campaigning Against Contemporary British Extremism

Sonia Gable, Deputy Editor Searchlight
The British National Party’s Finances [AUDIO HERE]

Graeme Atkinson, European Editor Searchlight
Hands Across the Water: the UK Far-Right’s Friends in Europe

Matthew Collins, Searchlight: The English Defence League in Focus


Panel 3: National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism

The Defence League from a Policing Perspective

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