Aleksander Naymark – International and Local Coinage of Sogd

Event Date: 19 May 2011
Seminar Room
Fitzwilliam Museum
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1RB


Central Asian Numismatic Institute presents:

Dr. Aleksander Naymark (Hofstra University) – International and Local Coinage of Sogd

Dr. Aleksander Naymark of Hofstra University (USA) is well known in archaeological and numismatic circles for his long-standing work in pre-Islamic Central Asian coinage. He will k giving a special presentation for the Central Asian Numismatic Institute on “International and Local Coinage of Sogd”.

He will discuss one of the most unusual features of pre-Islamic Central Asian coinage, which is the existence in Sogd of extremely long series of silver imitations. Some of them reproduced the same type for hundreds of years. This indicates a lack of interest in the political propaganda aspect of coinage. However, beginning with the fifth century various Sogdian principalities started minting copper coinage. Unlike silver, these issues constantly changed types and inscriptions and apparently served as political proclamations. Extensive Sogdian numismatic material suggests that the use of immobilized types was dictated by the needs of international trade and not local politics. Info:







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