A series of exchanges on and around the topic of Scarcity, bringing together the leading thinkers in the field to expound on one of the most pressing, but often avoided, issues of the day.

Scarcity Exchanges brings together some extraordinary speakers around a single, and very pressing, issue. That resources are diminishing is a commonplace, but scarcity is about much more than the destruction of our natural resource base: it is a socially and economically constructed condition that affects us all, and will increasingly do so. If the 2000s was the decade of false abundance, then the 2010s will likely be defined through scarcity. This series of exchanges will open up the discussion as to what scarcity might mean, and its social, economic, and environmental implications.

Dougald Hine and Andrew SimmsEconomies of Scarcity (AUDIO HERE)

Alfredo Brillembourg and David Satterthwaite Cities of Scarcity (AUDIO HERE)

Ed van Hinte and Steve Broome Scarcity and Consumption (AUDIO HERE)

Iain Boal and Lyla Mehta Concepts of Scarcity (AUDIO HERE)

Saskia Sassen Fabricating Scarcity (AUDIO HERE)



Scarcity Exchanges are part of a wider research project, Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment, led by Jeremy Till at the University of Westminster, with partners at the Oslo School of Architecture and TU Vienna. The project is funded by HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area). For details of the project and Scarcity Exchanges visit

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