Science, Learning and Censorship



Event Date: 27 June 2011
Royal Holloway in Central London
Bedford Square
2 Gower Street
London WC1E 6DP

The Italian Academies 1525–1700 Project presents:

Science, Learning and Censorship



Plenary: Professor Paula Findlen (Stanford) (AUDIO HERE)

Session 1 – Academies and academicians in Venice and the Veneto

Justine Walden (Yale) – The early period of the Accademia Olimpica di Vicenza;

Eveline Chayes (Cyprus/Toulouse Le Mirail)– Academic interlopers and their Texts: from Eterei to Incogniti;

Maurizio Sangalli (Siena) – Grazio Maria and Sallustio Grazi between the Venetian Academy and the Ambrosiana. The circulation of men, books and ideas in late sixteenth and early seventeenth-century Italy.

Session 2 – Scientific Academies:

Michaele Favaro (Scuola normale, Pisa) – L’Accademia udinese degli Ermafroditi fra curiosità scientifiche e censura religiosa;

Jakob Bek-Thomsen (Aarhus University) – Tracing the Functions of Nicolaus Steno’s Networks

G. Cultrera (Pavia)– “Provando e riprovando”: il motto distintivo degli accademici del Cimento.

Session 3 – Science and mysticism:

Andrea Lattes (Bar Ilan)– Jewish Academies and the spreading of mystic manuals in seventeenth-century Italy;

Delphine Montoliu (Toulouse/Scuola normale, Pisa) – Uomini di scienza e accademie scientifiche di Sicilia nel Seicento.

Round Table and concluding remarks.

Chair: Professor Brian Richardson (Leeds)

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