Populist Racism In Britain and Europe since 1945 – conference page


Event Date: 22 and 23 September 2011
Sunley Management Centre

Park Campus,
University of Northampton

Radicalism and New Media Group presents:

 Populist Racism In Britain and Europe since 1945



  • Professor Aristotle Kallis,
  • Dr Hans-Georg Betz

Additional analysis:

  • Professor Nigel Copsey,
  • Dr Gavin Schaffer,
  • Dr Jane Callaghan,
  • The Think Project,
  • Searchlight
  • and  others


Following in tradition established by the Radical-ism and New Media research group, this two-day conference will bring together scholars, practitioners and third sector professionals either working on innovative research, or front line engagement with, the causes, nature and effect of populist racism in Britain and Europe.



 Topics to be discussed by practitioners and academics will include:

  • The relationship between populist racism and violent extremism;
  • The latest developments with the BNP, EDL and European far-right movements;
  • Analysis of how the mass media represents populist racism;
  • State responses to forms of populist racism;
  • Factors that create ‘fertile conditions’ for popu-list racism to develop;
  • The role of the new media.



As well as talks from experts, up-and-coming researchers, and professional perspectives, there will be networking opportunities for informal engagement with these themes, to encourage new approaches to tackling populist racism.


22 September 2011

Welcome and Opening Keynote:

Hans-Georg Betz, ‘Populism, Nativism and Contemporary Radical Right-Wing Ideology’
Due to technical failure we cannot provide you with the audio recording of this talk. However, we will attempt to bring you this sometiome in the near future.

Parallel panels I:


Panel 1a: Northern Europe

Daunis Auers, ‘Mapping Populist Racism in the Baltic States’

Simon Oja, ‘From Skinheads and Shouting to Suits and Debating’

Kristina Boreus, ‘Right-Wing Populism and Discursive Discrimination in Austria, Denmark and Sweden’

Panel 1a discussion .


Panel 1b: Populist Racism and Lone Wolf Terrorism in Europe

Matthew Feldman, ‘Comparative Lone Wolf Terrorism’

Paul Jackson, ‘Lone Wolf Terrorism and Right-Wing Extremism’
Rafael Pantucci, ‘How Xenophobic Are Lone Wolf Islamists?’

Due to technical failure we cannot provide you with the audio recording of these talks. However, we will attempt to bring you this sometiome in the near future.


Parallel Panels II

Panel 2a: Eastern Europe

Alina Polyakova, ‘Civil Society and Right-Wing Politics: Explaining the Rightís Success and Failure in Central Eastern Europe’

Parikrama Gupta, ‘Racism in Russia: Not a Problem for the Russian State’

Andreas Umland, ‘Zhirinovskii as a Fascist: Palingenetic Ultra-Nationalism in Documents of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia in the early 1990s’


Panel 2b: Populist Racism against Roma and Sinti travellers

Zbigniew Wojcik and Lukasz Gazda, ‘Roma: NOT Hard to Reach Community’

John Coxhead, ‘Roma: Deconstructing Populist Xenophobia’

Gabriela Augustynowicz-Casey, ‘The Roma: The Need of a New Language of Social Communication


Parallel Panels III

Panel 3a: Western Europe

Brigitte Beauzamy, ‘The Role of the Radical Right in the Politicization of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia’
[AUDIO HERE] Aurelien Mondon, ‘Nicolas Sarkozyís Legitimisation of the Front National’


Panel 3b: The Psychological Dimension of Populist Racism

Jane Callaghan, ‘There’s Something Happening Here: Visual Images of the EDL and BNP’

Paul Crofts, “Us” and “Them” in Defining the “Other”. A Case Study on Framing Muslims and Islamaphobia and Racism from Kettering’


Panel 4 ‘Representing ‘Otherness’

Darya Malyutina, ‘From Racism to Cosmopolitan Sociability: Perceptions of ëOthersí in the Conditions of Superdiversity by Russian-speaking Migrants in London’

Trev Preston, ‘Boots, Braces and Blogs: Representations of Right-Wing Extremism in Britain’


23 September 2011

Opening Welcome

Prof. Nick Petford, Vice-Chancellor, University of Northampton .



Aristotle Kallis, ‘The “Contagion” Dynamic of the Far-Right’


Launch of RNM Groupís report on the English Defence League

Dr Paul Jackson and Dr Mark Pitchford .

(download PDF)


Panel 1 by Practitioners

The Think Project: Geraint Whittaker, Laura Lake and Rocio Cifuentes




Panel 2 by Practitioners

Searchlight: ‘The Post War Impact of Julius Evola on British Politics and Beyond’

Alfio Bernabei, ‘The Mind of Julius Evola: Between Fascism and Mysticism’

Gerry Gable, ‘The Devil’s Disciples: From Fiore to Griffin’

Sonia Gable, ‘Are Griffin’s Appeals for Race and Civil War Helping Britain’s Far Right?’

Searchlight Panel discussion .


Book (and Series) Launch

Far-right.com, first in “Mapping the Far Right” series, eds. Paul Jackson and Gerry Gable
book available HERE:

Academic Panel

Gavin Schaffer, ‘The Vision of a Nation: Making Multiculturalism on British Television 1960-1980’

Nigel Copsey, ‘Au Revoir to “Sacred Cows”? The Nouvelle Droite’s Impact on Britain’s Far Right’

Anton Shekhovtsov, ‘Far-Right Music in Britain’


Final Panel discussion .

Concluding Round table discussion



selected photos from the conference:

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