Corry Shores & Scott Wollschleger – Rhythm without Time : Difference & Phenomena

Event date: 29 October 2011 
King’s Anatomy Theatre & Museum, 
6th Floor, King’s Building
King’s College London, 
Strand Campus, 
London, WC2R 2LS



Rhythm and Event


Corry Shores (Husserl Archives) & Scott Wollschleger (Manhattan School of Music):
Rhythm without Time : Difference & Phenomena

Conventional phenomenology in a way has something in common with a traditional understanding of rhythm. But is rhythm at its basis simply a repeating pattern that maintains self-sameness during an extent of time? And is a phenomenon something that is constituted over an extending period of duration, accomplished by means of enduring similarities that are associatively assimilated into a phenomenal object? Or could it rather be that rhythm and phenomena are fundamentally matters of pure difference alone? A Deleuzean phenomenology of the body involves a logic of differential rhythm. Deleuze articulates this sort of rhythm with the theoretical writings of Messiaen and Boulez. These composers challenge the traditional understanding of musical rhythm by defining it as what does not fit predictable self-same metrical patterns. And Deleuze challenges traditional phenomenology by defining the phenomenon as an instantaneous flash of difference communicated between heterogeneous series of differential terms. A Husserlian or Merleau-Pontian phenomenon requires the flow of time. A Deleuzean phenomenon however can only occur before the passive synthesis of time-consciousness has had the chance to homogenize the immediately given differential phenomenal data. We will explore Deleuze’s and more contemporary musical, cinematic, and painted examples of rhythm to offer not merely an interesting way to experience rhythm in these art forms, but also to suggest an alternate form of phenomenological investigation, based on Deleuze’s notion of phenomenal rhythm.

Corry Shores is a PhD student finishing his research at the Husserl Archives in Leuven, Belgium. His project seeks the basic principles for a Deleuze-inspired phenomenology.

Scott Wollschleger received his Masters of Music in composition from Manhattan School of Music. Recent performances include ones in Ghent, Berlin, Washington DC, and New York City. Mr. Wollschleger co-directs Red Light New Music, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting new music. He is also the Director of publications for Schott Music New York.

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