Matthew Fuller & Andrew Goffey – Sort, Work and Recurse: the stratagematic rhythmns of grey media events

Event date: 29 October 2011
King’s Anatomy Theatre & Museum,
6th Floor, King’s Building
King’s College London,
Strand Campus, 
London, WC2R 2LS



Rhythm and Event

Matthew Fuller & Andrew Goffey
Sort, Work and Recurse: the stratagematic rhythmns of grey media events
Grey media events emerge from and disappear into the imperceptible rhythms of background noise.  They are written into work systems, social networks, and the failures and workarounds of such. A grey event is the indeterminate switching from one kind of setting to another, a loop being initiated, nothing noticable happening, a faint stirring amongst the pages of a manual 
no-one ever reads, an cloudy unease generated by managerial brainstorms and corporate overcompensation for collapses that are impending or imagined. Grey media events are secreted by the rhythmatic throbs of experience undergone by the abstract infrastructures of the present day. The stratagematic approach of Evil Media is to draw out means to make these formations of rhythm and event tractable and amenable to manipulation and 
we present stratagems for sorting, recursion and workflow.

Matthew Fuller is author of various books including ‘Media Ecologies, materialist energies in art and technoculture’, (MIT) ‘Behind the Blip, essays on the culture of software’ and ‘Elephant & Castle’. (both Autonomedia) With Usman Haque, he is co-author of ‘Urban Versioning System v1.0’ (ALNY) and with Andrew Goffey, co-author of the forthcoming ‘Evil Media’. (MIT)  Editor of ‘Software Studies, a lexicon’, (MIT) and co-editor of the new Software Studies series from MIT Press and of the journal Computational Culture, he is involved in a number of projects in art, media and software and works at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Andrew Goffey is an academic, writer and translator. He is the author (with Matthew Fuller) of Evil Media (MIT), the editor (with Eric Alliez) of The Guattari Effect (Continuum) and the translator of Isabelle Stengers and Philippe Pignarre’s Capitalist Sorcery (Palgrave). He is currently working on a monograph on the micropolitics of software culture and is editing a collection of essays on Alfred North Whitehead and recent developments in metaphysics. His translation of Felix Guattari’s Schizoanalytic Cartographies will be published by Continuum next year. He is a co-editor of the journal Computational Culture and he works in the Media Department at Middlesex University, where, amongst other things, he runs a cross-disciplinary Masters programme in creative technology.


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