Neal Evenhuis – Charles Davies Sherborn and the Indexer's Club

Event Date: 28 October 2011

Flett Lecture Theatre

Natural History Museum



Anchoring Biodiversity Information:

From Sherborn to the 21st century and beyond

Neal L. Evenhuis
Charles Davies Sherborn and The Indexer’s Club

Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817, USA
Email: NealE@bishopmuseum

Charles Davies Sherborn was an indexer. And he followed a long line of indexers. And a longer line of indexers followed him. They/we are all members of ‘The Indexer’s Club’. A club of obsessed individuals who, for some weird reason, find it necessary to not only facilitate a semblance of order, but to make sometimes incredibly huge amounts of information available to others [sacrificing their social lives and labouring on what spouses and colleagues may consider esoteric projects in order to save others from the same work]. And in doing so, encumbering most of the day and the wee hours of the night with a passion and fervour few other human beings can even begin to understand. This presentation will explore the bits of Sherbornís life that led to that passion for indexing; and touch upon the impact he has had on bibliographies and researching the dates of publication; upon nomenclature; and upon the indexing of names ó and it will attempt to explain why he did this and where we all can go as a result.








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