Patrick Williams – Performing Hope: The Films of Flora Gomes

Event Date: 25 May 2012
MY120 Avenue Campus
University of Northampton

Seeing and Being Seen: Postcolonial Visual Culture and Performance

The University of Northampton is proud to present an exciting day of postcolonial performance, poetry and visual culture at Avenue Campus, School of the Arts.

The Seeing and Being Seen: Postcolonial Visual Culture and Performance Symposium will be convening at 10:30 am and starting at 11:00am, the day will begin with the unique opportunity of hearing Karthika Naїr and Slam poet Polarbear discussing their innovative and prestigious 2012 Laurence Olivier award winning dance production, ‘Desh’ before moving on to a presentation by performance artists, Dr Mark James Hamilton and Rosanna Raymond.

Themes relating to postcolonial cinema, theatre and visual culture will also be addressed by among others, Professors Dominic Alessio and Patrick Williams as well as by exciting upcoming scholars, Arifani Moyo (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Anna Maria Everding (University of Northampton).

Professor Patrick WilliamsPerforming Hope: The Films of Flora Gomes

This paper will look at the utopian Marxism of Ernst Bloch, the revolutionary anti-colonial theory of Amilcar Cabral, and the films of Guinea-Bissau filmmaker Flora Gomes as a sustained performative attempt to keep hope, especially revolutionary/transformative hope, alive in the postcolonial world.

Patrick Williams is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies at Nottingham Trent University, where he teaches courses on postcolonial theory and culture, film, diaspora, and race and nation in twentieth century Britain. His publications include Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory, Columbia University Press, 1993; Introduction to Post-Colonial Theory, Longman/Pearson, 1996, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Manchester University Press, 1999; Edward Said, Sage, 2000; Postcolonial African Cinema, Manchester University Press, 2007. Forthcoming books include The Routledge Companion to Diaspora Studies, and a collection on Orientalism in Routledge’s ‘Major Works’ series. He is on the editorial boards of Theory, Culture and Society, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, and Maghreb Journal of Cultural Studies and Translation.








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