Denise Chen – Olfaction and Emotion

Event Date: 1 June 2012
Senate House
University of London
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

The Institute of Philosophy presents

Scent and Sensibility: The Neuroscience of Fragrance


The importance of olfaction to the understanding of emotional processes still needs to reach out to other areas of research. The aim of the conference is to make the state of the art research in neuroscience and psychology concerning the emotional and communicative impact of natural and manufactured fragrances available to both researchers and practitioners.

The conference will be followed by a special event on new olfactory designs and the most innovative use of fragrance.

Dr Denise Chen (Human Olfaction Lab, Rice) – Olfaction and Emotion

Denise Chen is the director of the Human Olfaction Lab at Rice University. Her work has shown how social smells bias affective (mood, perceptions of the emotion in the face), cognitive, and neural responses of the smell recipients, even when the recipients are not aware of the nature of these smells.

Her work also shows that the capacity to detect social smells is related to emotional competency. Many of her results, suggesting for instance that women distinguish the odor of sexual sweat from neutral sweat by processing the odors in different parts of the brain, have had a wide press coverage in the New York Times, and New Scientist.








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