Alphonso Lingis – The Return of Subjectivity

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Event Date: 6  September 2012
Manchester Metropolitan University,
All Saints Building, All Saints,
Manchester, M15 6BH

The Society for European Philosophy (SEP) and the Forum for European Philosophy (FEP) 2012 Conference

in association with The London Graduate School

Alphonso Lingis (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University) –  The Return of Subjectivity

Phenomenology’s description of the things as they show themselves to be depended on the reality and apodicticity of self-consciousness. Ethical responsibility required the reliability of self-consciousness.  Linguistics defined self-consciousness as the speaker who issues a present utterance identifying him- or herself with the grammatical subject of that utterance.  But pragmatics exhibits speech acts as social interactions; a speech act is elicited and commanded by an interlocutor.  Deleuze and Guattari argue that one says what one has been ordered to say; all statements are quotations.  I argue that these positions do not eliminate subjectivity; they engender a new conception of self-consciousness.





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