Bernard Stiegler with Ken McMullen – About an Organology of Dreams – After An Organisation of Dreams



Event Date 12 – 14 September 2012

Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London


The London Graduate School presents:

Film-Philosophy Conference 2012

Film-philosophy continues to grow as an important discipline within the fields of both Film Studies and Philosophy. The Film-Philosophy Conference brings together scholars from all over the world to present their research on a broad range of topics within the subject area.

The 2012 conference took  place September 12-14, and was jointly hosted by King’s College London, Queen Mary, University of London and Kingston University.

Introduction by Professor John Mullarkey (Kingston).

Professor Bernard Stiegler (Goldsmiths)  – About an Organology of Dreams – After An Organisation of Dreams

Beginning with well-known proposition that the cinema serves as the perfect enactment of Plato’s cave, I would like to examine in this paper the question of transcendental cinema, returning to the problems that I raised in Le temps du cinéma, but also reopening the possibility of a transcendental stupidity – or transcendental negativity, to put it otherwise.  By turning to Freud and the notion of the dream, I will explore my hypothesis by looking briefly at a work which is itself rather brief, and which suggests an archeology of cinema that begins thirty thousand years ago, in the Chauvet Cave.



Professor Ken McMullenThoughts on the Making of An Organisation of Dreams



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Excerpt from ‘An Organisation of Dreams’:


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