Damian Sutton – The Diagrammatic and the 'real that is yet to come': Is a Philosophy of Production Studies Possible?



Event Date 12 – 14 September 2012
Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London

The London Graduate School presents:

Film-Philosophy Conference 2012

Film-philosophy continues to grow as an important discipline within the fields of both Film Studies and Philosophy. The Film-Philosophy Conference brings together scholars from all over the world to present their research on a broad range of topics within the subject area.

The 2012 conference took place September 12-14, and was jointly hosted by King’s College London, Queen Mary, University of London and Kingston University.

Introduction by Dr Jinhee Choi (KCL).

Dr Damian Sutton (Middlesex)  – The Diagrammatic and the ‘real that is yet to come’: Is a Philosophy of Production Studies Possible?

This paper explores some of the possibilities presented by the concept of the “diagrammatic” to the study of film and television production practice. Recent interest in the approach taken by Gilles Deleuze to artistic production has started to turn towards his use of the diagram, or diagrammatic, in understanding the creative act and how it elevates or turns art from the production of cliché towards the production of the new. Developed as a concept in his book on Francis Bacon and in is work with Félix Guattari, the diagrammatic is a function of the plastic arts, specifically in painting and in writing, and is quite different to that of the mass media, which is seen to crowd or Œbesiege¹ art with clichés.

Yet the creative industries, within which film is the best example, thrive on the careful nurture and control of creativity, constantly renewing themselves through the articulation of the creative act as rupture, fissure or break with convention. To study this involves reconciling philosophy of art with a philosophy of the relations of production – a task for which the “diagrammatic” proves surprisingly agile.






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