Francesco Casetti – Philosophical Issues in Early Film Theory



Event Date 12 – 14 September 2012

Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London


The London Graduate School presents:

Film-Philosophy Conference 2012

Film-philosophy continues to grow as an important discipline within the fields of both Film Studies and Philosophy. The Film-Philosophy Conference brings together scholars from all over the world to present their research on a broad range of topics within the subject area.

The 2012 conference took place September 12-14, and was jointly hosted by King’s College London, Queen Mary, University of London and Kingston University.

Introduction by Dr Mark Betz (KCL).

Professor Francesco Casetti  (Yale)  – Philosophical Issues in Early Film Theory

In early film theories, there is no lack of reference to philosophy and philosophers. We may find on the one side the claim for a “philosophical” account of cinema as a modern form of experience (Papini), on the other the claim for a “philosophy of the art of film” modelled on the German “Kunstwissenschaften” (Bálazs). These two approaches – the mutual goal of which is to find a legitimisation for the movies – cross each other when at stake come topics like the very nature of the objects on the screen, or the role of the camera as an eye. In critics and scholars like Canudo, Epstein, Cendrars, cinema challenges the traditional categories of thought – and it establishes itself a true philosophical discourse.






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