Christopher Perriam – Screen Images of Queer Spanish Poets

Event Date: Tuesday 30 October 2012
in Main Lecture Theatre (MLT), Founder’s Building,
Royal Holloway, University of London


 The 2012 David Vilaseca Memorial Lecture

Professor Christopher PerriamScreen Images of Queer Spanish Poets

The lecture considers two biopics and two web-based TV mini-documentaries on Spanish poets: El consul de Sodoma/ The Consul of Sodom directed by Sigfrid Monleón (2010) on Jaime Gil de Biedma and Little Ashes directed by Paul Morrison (2008) on Federico García Lorca (and Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel); and two web-based TV mini-documentaries on Vicente Aleixandre and Luis Cernuda.  In all these cases, different forms of reproduction of poetic writing clash and intertwine with queer subtexts, creating tellingly incongruous effects both of vagueness and erasure and of excess and amplification. In particular, the lecture considers the distortions that can arise when intense and allusive,sometimes sensual, poetry is used as disembodied voice-over or as on-screen text to provide a straightened-out narrative line, or an iconic miniature, for a middlebrow audience.

Introduction By Professor Katie Normington (Dean of  Arts and Social Sciences, RHUL):.



Vote of Thanks by Dr Miriam Haddu (RHUL).

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