Tom Stern – Nietzsche, Amor Fati and the Gay Science

Event Date: 21 January 2013
Room 22/26
Senate House
University of London
London WC1E 7HU

The Aristotelian Society presents:

Dr Tom Stern (UCL) – Nietzsche, Amor Fati & the Gay Science

Tom Stern is a Lecturer in Philosophy and the Academic Director of European Social and Political Studies at UCL. He got his PhD, MPhil and BA at the University of Cambridge. He also studied as a visiting student at the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought.
Tom’s interests lie in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century European philosophy and literature. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on ‘Nietzsche and Freedom’ and he is currently working on a book manuscript, entitled Philosophy and Theatre (forthcoming, Routledge).
He has taught on a range of topics in analytic and continental philosophy. Recent classes include: Nietzsche, Adorno, Plato, and a graduate research seminar on 19th-century philosophy, which included classes on Kierkegaard, Mill and Tolstoy.

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