Richard Clogg – Xeniteia: the Greek diaspora in modern times

Event date: 14 March 2013                    
Windsor Auditorium,
Royal Holloway, Egham,
Surrey TW20 0EX

Royal Holloway Department of History

Twelfth Annual Hellenic Institute Lecture

Professor Richard Clogg (Emeritus Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford and Visiting Professor in Modern Greek History at RHUL Hellenic  Institute) – Xeniteia: the Greek diaspora in modern times

The Greeks are an archetypal diaspora people. Xeniteia, sojourning in foreign lands, has been central to the experience of the Greek people in modern times. From the 18th century onwards emigration from the Greek lands has accelerated, reaching significant peaks between the mid-1890s and the outbreak of the First World War and in the late 1950s and 1960s. This has led to a significant Greek presence in the United States, Australia, Canada, western Europe and elsewhere. Towards the end of the twentieth century Greece, with growing prosperity, became of country of immigration rather than emigration, although the current economic crisis has resulted in some  Greeks once again taking the path of xeniteia. This lecture will consider the evolution of the diaspora and its relation with the Greek state and I kath’imas Anatoli, the Greek East.





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